Chronic Pain in the UK Today: Medical, Academic, and Political Perspectives

I blogged previously about the public workshop on chronic pain I've been organising. I can happily report that the day went very well, with exciting and insightful presentations and lots of productive - and often provocative - discussions. To maintain anonymity of our attendees though, we didn't film the Open Forum with which we ended the day. Below you'll find several ways to access the main content of the workshop:

  • the programme (with speaker biographies)
  • the recorded livestream (on YouTube)
  • a full transcript of the livestream video
  • a Storify of all relevant tweets from the day.

Please feel free to share a link to this post widely, so as to disseminate the workshop findings as far and wide as possible!

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Edited 19/12/17: Due to the impending demise of Storify, I've switched out the Storified content to a Wakelet collection.