Wanda Sykes & "Detachable Pussy"

At some point in the far too recent past, somebody fairly prominent in the comedy scene cracked a rape joke. I can't remember the name of the comedian, but I do remember that the joke was unfunny and punched - bludgeoned - down. In case you're not familiar with the metaphor, let me summarise. "Punching up" means using comedy as a tool to satirise and thereby deflate those in power, those "above" the comedian. "Punching down" is making those with less power, those most often victimised by the issues at hand, the butt of the joke. So, in a rape joke scenario: rape culture is "up", whilst rape survivors are "down". Like many, I had long hypothesised the impossibility of ever telling a funny rape joke, or at least a rape joke funny to feminists. Then, in a forum discussing the comedian's ill-advised "humour", a commenter posted the Wanda Sykes routine below. Total mic drop moment. The clip, from Sykes' 2006 HBO special "Sick and Tired", skewers rape culture with verve and venom. It blends humour and startlingly on-target social critique with ease, creating a segment which is an educative joy to watch and re-watch. For me, it's arguably the epitome of a rape joke which is 1) funny and 2) "punching up" with vigour.