Hours and Hours of Calming Bison (Honestly)

Public service announcement: do not take selfies with wild animals! Really, no! I'm a little surprised that there needs to be a PSA for this - but after all, I am a solid urbanite, and the kind of wildlife I see mostly amounts to yappy dogs in designer coats. In July, a woman was attacked by a bison at Yellowstone National Park in the States as she turned her back on the massive (horned) animal to pose for a selfie with it. Violent altercations between wild animals and human interlopers seeking Instagrammable selfies seems to be on the up, at least according to anecdata. If you want to take a nonchalant selfie with a bison - without the spectre of death unhelpfully moistening your selfie stick - why not play the video below, and pose in front of your laptop screen? It's almost like you are really there with the bison! Yeah, OK, I really am putting my personal stamp of recommendation onto a three-hour-plus video of bison grazing at Yellowstone. Nothing notable happens. There's no plot, no drama. It is utterly transfixing with its mesmeric power. Seriously, I have now seen this video a few times through - the whole way through. (Somebody might need to save me and charitably donate me a life one of these days, but hey.) The video works well as a soothing background to life, work, meditation, yoga, you name it. Also, you get to name all the special bison in your own little herd, and figure out which one you identify with most. Important stuff, to be sure.